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Gold Diggers

Gothic Horror Novel
The book cover of Gold Diggers, also featuring the text "Welcome to the Haunting" and the author's name Amy Sundberg. In the middle of the cover is a red stiletto in a pool of blood. Below the book cover it says "When reality TV goes horribly wrong..."

“I’m giving you the opportunity of a lifetime.” 

So says Zoe Roberts’ sister Kennedy, one of the senior producers of the romance reality TV show Love Story. Her life in shambles after a traumatic breakup, Zoe desperately needs a plan B. Set on the leading man’s private island in the Bahamas, the show promises to be an all-expenses-paid vacation as well as Zoe’s ticket to jumpstarting her nonexistent writing career.

But being a reality show contestant is more difficult than Zoe realized. Between her sister’s manipulations, backstabbing contestants, and difficult weekly challenges, Zoe has her work cut out for her. And that’s before she hears the rumors about the island’s dark past and tragic accidents begin to winnow the field of contestants.

As the accidents and strange events continue, Zoe begins to both question her own sanity and suspect a vengeful ghost might be haunting the island, one who won’t stop until he gets what he wants… and one of those things just might be Zoe.

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My Stars Shine Darkly

YA Science Fiction Novel
My Stars Shine Darkly, Amy Sundberg. Picture of a girl in formal old-fashioned dress and an elaborate golden Venetian-style mask against a backdrop of an alternate Venice with 3 moons in different phasees in the sky

Living on a conservative colony world, Sienna Tascioni is no stranger to pushing boundaries. Constrained by what’s expected of her as a proper young lady, she still reads books from classes she’s not allowed to take, secretly races speeder bikes, and even dresses up as her twin brother in order to gain a small taste of independence. But when her parents allow a loutish Ambassador’s son to begin courting her, she feels the trap of an arranged marriage beginning to close its jaws around her.

At the same time, a diplomatic mission from the faraway planet of Satori arrives with promises of mutual cooperation and advanced technology. Ereni and Burke Lhasa, two young people attached to the mission, show Sienna a glimpse of freedom she never dreamed possible. Before she knows it, she’s drawn into a web of intrigue, spying on her Senator father for information that will hopefully disrupt her upcoming engagement while drawing ever closer to the mysterious Burke.

But as she becomes more deeply embroiled in the politics of her country, the stakes become higher–and more personal–than she could have ever imagined, forcing her to decide where her true loyalties lie.

Author Amy Sundberg brings you the first book in the Satori Chronicles, a captivating drama in which an intrepid teenage heroine struggles against the dystopian patriarchy of her world.

To Travel the Stars

YA Science Fiction Novel
To Travel the Stars: a Retelling of Pride and Prejudice, by Amy Sundberg. Picture of a girl and a boy dancing in closed position in fancy clothes, space in the background, including a wormhole

Lizzie Bennett has always dreamed of becoming an FTL pilot and traveling among the stars. But she comes from a poor family on an isolated space station, and in order to escape, she needs to find an interface partner—someone with whom her neural implant can form a permanent bond—with a compatibility rating of at least 95%.

When her station hosts a prestigious seminar, she jumps at the chance to attend, only to instantly butt heads with the most privileged planetside student. Will Darcy is insulting to her and judgmental about her friends and family, making her determined to show him she’s just as good as he is.

But then Lizzie and Will discover they are a 99% match. And Lizzie has to make a series of choices about who she is and what she’s willing to sacrifice to achieve her dreams.

Ranging from the dingy corridors of a space station to the old-growth forest of a luxurious estate, this retelling of Austen’s classic novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE asks the question of how to reach for the stars when society is conspiring to hold you in your place.

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