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To Travel the Stars

YA Science Fiction
To Travel the Stars: a Retelling of Pride and Prejudice, by Amy Sundberg. Picture of a girl and a boy dancing in closed position in fancy clothes, space in the background, including a wormhole

Lizzie Bennett has always dreamed of becoming an FTL pilot and traveling among the stars. But she comes from a poor family on an isolated space station, and in order to escape, she needs to find an interface partner—someone with whom her neural implant can form a permanent bond—with a compatibility rating of at least 95%.

When her station hosts a prestigious seminar, she jumps at the chance to attend, only to instantly butt heads with the most privileged planetside student. Will Darcy is insulting to her and judgmental about her friends and family, making her determined to show him she’s just as good as he is.

But then Lizzie and Will discover they are a 99% match. And Lizzie has to make a series of choices about who she is and what she’s willing to sacrifice to achieve her dreams.

Ranging from the dingy corridors of a space station to the old-growth forest of a luxurious estate, this retelling of Austen’s classic novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE asks the question of how to reach for the stars when society is conspiring to hold you in your place.

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